Granular App Jam

I was recently contracted by Guitar Player Magazine to review the new IK Multimedia Stomp I/O (look for the review in GP in the next couple of months). It lets you send audio and MIDI to an iPad, so I took the opportunity to set up a quick rig employing three of my favorite apps: iDensity, Aum, and Borderlands

iDensity lets me live sample up to six tracks of guitar and granularly process each track differently.

Borderlands lets me record technically any number of tracks. Double tapping on a recorded track creates a “cloud” that processes the audio within its circumference. Clouds can be pushed around with your finger or Borderlands will record the movement of the clouds as you push them and replay that movement.

Aum is a mixer app that lets me combine everything. I put AmpliTube in track 1 and regulated its volume by programming the Stomp I/O’s expression pedal to control the track volume. From track 1, I bussed out to iDensity, Borderlands and Kymatica’s AUFX-Space reverb.

Hit me up with any questions in the comments.



3 thoughts on “Granular App Jam

  1. thanks so much,
    really inspiring, as i am just about to look for a pocket solution for live looping, including ambient fx and sound design. got all the apps, plus some interesting stuff like
    echo pad, echo pitch, aux dub, boulanger labs’s csSpectral, etc.
    no questions right now, need to go and explore.

    IK Multimedia Stomp I/O might be a useful option for live perfomances.

  2. Really interesting. Given that I’m getting tired of the sounds I know how to make, this could be a great thing to explore.

  3. I love Borderlands, nice to see it get mentioned. The thing I love most about it is that I don’t even have to have an instrument handy. Even when I am not playing guitar I can play with the stored sound files I’ve played/imported and saved and keep myself happy for hours making granular noise. I especially love the “G” gravity feature.

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