Double Live Tisziji Muñoz Disc

Henry Kaiser’s interview with Tisziji Muñoz for Guitar Moderne received some of the most positive comments to date, so I imagine GM readers will want to know about this release: Tisziji Muñoz and Paul Shaffer, with Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, Don Pate, and John Lockwood: Taking You Out There! Live at Lincoln Center’s Dizzy’sClub Coca Cola February 7, 2011 [2 CD set Anami 024; USA]. Here is a series of interviews with the band before an earlier NY concert.

Here is the review from  Bruce Lee Gallanter, owner of the fantastic DMG Record store, where you can purchase it, in person or by mail. Bruce fails to mention that Muñoz metored and played with Shaffer when they both lived in Canada. Dizzy’s Club at Lincoln Center is a lovely room with a fine view of Central Park behind the band. I have only been there a few times since it is a bit expensive and rarely has the type of jazz Ireally enjoy (ie: too mainstream). My friend and inspiration, Tisziji Muñoz, invited me to check out his band a few years ago and I was delighted hear some spiritual jazz in a room that rarely has that type of music. Longtime keyboard player for the David Letterman Show, Paul Shaffer, was the one who helped get the gig, so special thanks to him for that opportunity. Although the music here is a bit more restrained than the usual Muñoz fireworks, it is still spirit jazz with that special Coltrane influence. Most or all of the songs were written by Tisziji  and it shows how much of gifted songwriter he is: beautiful, heartfelt melodies most of the time. Mr. Shaffer, who rarely gets recognition as a great keyboard player, plays exclusively piano here and is the perfect choice for this music. Shaffer’s playing is superb throughout, obviously inspired by Muñoz delectable melodies and occasionally restrained yet still cosmic guitar playing. The rhythm team here of Don Pate (Muñoz’ regular bassist), John Lockwood (bassist for the Fringe & Joe Maneri) and drummer Rakalam Moses (a world-class musician & teacher), are also superb throughout both sets, spinning a fine web of rhythms, pulses and incredible interaction underneath. If you haven’t heard the amazing Tisziji Muñoz yet, this would be a perfect place to start. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG 2 CD set for  $20


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