Big Ears Cancelled

This nasty virus is wreaking havoc over and above the sickness and death it is causing. In addition to our own deep disappointment in not being able to see Fennesz, Mike Baggetta, Mark Ribot, Brandon Ross, and all the other great modern guitarists that would have been performing at Big Ears this ear, our heart goes out  to them and all the staff and businesses  faced with diminished income and financial loss. Please support the artists by buying their recordings and going to see them if they come to a space near you. Stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Big Ears Cancelled

  1. i had tix to see fennesz in seattle earlier in the week. my wife and i were going to drive down from where we live in vancouver. we opted not to go due to this virus. suffice to say i am VERY bummed. i’ve been a huge fan for 15 years and i’ve never managed to seen him live. oh well. maybe in another 15 years. 🙁

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