11 thoughts on “Andy Summers Interview: Coming Soon

  1. what do you think about 4 great English guitarists born in the 40’s, You, Fripp, Holdsworth and Hetheridge, who are still wandering on their own six strings instruments as teenagers? you were all precursors, amps, effects, midi, synth guitars but still, you are still performing great music.
    please don’t answer just “we are in it for the money”, and talking about Zappa, have you ever played with him?
    Thank you. for the answer, for your music.

  2. Can you ask Andy if there are any chances he would do a rock band again and if it’s still in his plans ? Because Circa Zero was short lived.

  3. Could you please ask Andy the following ?
    When I see you, Andy, on videos/Internet it’s like you’re ‘angry’ or ‘disappointed’ that there was no “new” The Police after the last reunion-tour. Are you ?

  4. Can you ask Andy about his fretless Hamer seen on the front of Guitar World May 1981 and used in the solo on “Driven to Tears” Does he still have it? Does he still play it?

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