Adrian Belew: The Sweetwater Interview

To hold you until my Guitar Player interview comes out (where we focus more on the new record), here is a great interview with Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater.


4 thoughts on “Adrian Belew: The Sweetwater Interview

  1. There are luthiers who specialize in high tech and extremely valuable vintage guitars….I am an avid collector…have extensive Stratocaster collection, and yes three Parker guitars, two are Fly…midi…don’t despair, a really good luthier is waiting for your business…my one best Parker, is all carbon …and so I take care of it accordingly, I no longer perform, or play any jams or open mic, but rather using computer, and iOS…and for my sounds and recording…the Parker and a vintage Stratocaster with EMG DG20s, definitely get it done….Mitch from Sweetwater, is hats off …any guitar players friend, and of course ADRIAN….is top drawer and by far the most creative of our time!

  2. Great old interview. The sad thing is, the Parker Guitar Company is no more. The company got sold and has entirely ceased production. As a Parker MIDI Fly player myself, this really is a pain. Thankfully, they seem to be really well made and last a long time. But I am not looking forward to the day when something significant goes wrong. Parts are scarce, knowledgeable repair people are rare.

  3. I have always enjoyed the subject matter that Mitch chooses to share with the public..I..Was hoping to see him produce his own channel….on any public social media, and. would be willing to pay for a subscription to his fabulous teaching and ability to demonstrate.the wonderful new equipment available to guitarists in this digital age.Thank you for including him in your webinar, which I always look forward to, and acquaint my friends to enjoy also

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