Acoustic Moderne: Alexandr Misko

Not all modern guitar has to be electric and atonal. Thanks to Chris Buono for tuning me on to Alexandr Misko. While many other acoustic players hit the body of the instrument, and employ tapping, a number of things set this young Russian apart.

For starters, he seems more about the music than the guitar; his techniques are used to render the song as beautifully and interestingly as possible. And, his tone production does not suffer, as is often the case with tapping and hammering on, especially on acoustic guitar. His groove is also first rate, but it is his technique of combining artificial harmonics with shifting the pitch using Scruggs-type tuning machines that puts him over the top. All together, it means that he is enjoyable to hear, even if you can’t see his tricky playing. It also doesn’t hurt that I have always loved this song.

This original composition shows promise, as he combines techniques like playing behind the capo and the nut with a sure sense of melody.


6 thoughts on “Acoustic Moderne: Alexandr Misko

  1. Interesting to hear the techniques players come up with to simulate a rhythm section. I agree he’s much more focused on arranging than showing off.

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