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ABOUT GUITAR MODERNE [pronounced: modairn]

Guitar Moderne is a gathering place for musicians and fans interested in the outer reaches of the guitar’s creative potential. Contact: info@guitarmoderne.com


An international community of players is experimenting with loopers, computers, plugins, extended techniques, weird and wonderful effects, to the delight of a growing number of fans. Guitar Moderne will generate, gather and curate articles, audio, video, and news about guitarists and gear oriented toward the future of the instrument.


Guitar Moderne offers extensive coverage of the world-wide explosion of avant, experimental, and unusual players, as they discuss their approach to this classic combination of metal and wood. Here too, you will find articles and reviews covering combining computer with guitar and the world of plugins that this opens up, as well as news about the more extreme pedals available.

Guitar Moderne is not genre specific; it covers forward-thinking players of any  musical style: jazz, experimental, classical, blues, rock, metal, etc. Guitarists and fans from every continent can converge here to learn about the many directions this versatile instrument is taking and the gear being used for the journey.


If you are a “moderne” guitarist, or a fan of a guitarist who is breaking new ground on the instrument, contact us at info@guitarmoderne.com


Guitar Moderne is curated by Michael Ross. Ross is a guitarist, producer, and writer. He contributes to Guitar Player and Premier Guitar, and is the author of Getting Great Guitar Sounds, All About Effects, Great Guitar Tone with IK Multimedia AmpliTube: The Official Guide, and other books. He has produced and toured with blues artist James Armstrong, as well as touring and recording with folk-legend Eric Andersen. He performs his own electronica based guitar music as prehab.