Spotlight: Hans Tammen

New York-based Hans Tammen expands on the vocabulary of tabletop guitar using his Max/MSP “Endangered Guitar” software. By designing his own software he is able to produce uniquely personal  sounds, remains capable of intense collaboration. He has performed and taught around the world.

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Free Improv That Is Truly Free

Too much “free” improvisation is anything but. Often it is restricted by attempts to reject all the traditional musical constituents: melody, harmony, groove, listening, dynamics, etc. The result is a cacophonic performance that starts nowhere, goes nowhere, and ends nowhere.

This January 12, 2012 performance by Didier Petit (cello), Andrea Parkins (accordion, electronics), Hans Tammen (prepared guitar, electronics), and Edward Perraud (drums, percussion) represents the best of what free music can be, as it ranges from soft to loud, noise to melody, texture to groove, unafraid of any musical element, be it melodic, atonal, beautiful, ugly, humorous or otherwise. Excellently shot and recorded, kudos are in order for all involved.

A l’improviste – Quartet Petit / Parkins /… by francemusique