Cool Pedal Alert: Joe Gore Purr Vibrato

Vibrato as a pedal effect is having a moment. Boss has released the Waza Version of the Boss VB-2 and EarthQuaker debuted the Aqueduct. I recently did a column on the effect for Electronic Musician, and now here is the Joe Gore Purr Vibrato.


EarthQuaker Swiss Things: Pedal Problem Solver Pedal

I know that the above sounds like the department of redundancy department, but the new EarthQuaker Swiss Things is, in fact, a pedal that solves problems with your pedals. Here is a great explanation of what it does and a video showing that the EarthQuaker folks have more fun than should be allowed in a multimillion dollar company.

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Nick Reinhart: Willie Wonka of Guitar

If there is a young guitarist you captures the Guitar Moderne ethos perfectly it is Nick Reinhart. In his work with Tera Melos and with Nels Cline in Big Walnuts Yonder he exhibits a spirit of musical experimentation and pushes the guitar’s sonic potential as far as it will go, with virtuosic technique and wry humor. Premier Guitar caught up with him when he came through Nashville and did an extensive rig rundown, revealing his fan bestowed nickname (no pun intended). Reinhart also reveals one of his sonic secrets. Spoiler alert: Superglue.