Guitar Moderne Festival XVIII

Apologies for the dearth of posts. I have people trying to migrate my site away from the awful Bluehost and it has been taking longer than expected. It is still not done but they have fixed the email and assure me I can post, so here is a Guitar Festival for those increasingly hot days when you don’t want to go outside.

Adrian Belew

Sidsel Endresen and Stian Westerhus live at the Torino Jazz Festival 2019

Fred Frith Quartet at the Festival Météo, Mulhouse, 2015

Nels Cline and Yuka C Honda collectively known as FIG performing “Purple & Red” at The Stone on Aug 26 2016


Mike Baggetta Puts Together A Supergroup

In the four years since we spotlighted Mike Baggetta he has been a busy man. He has relocated from New York City to Knoxville, Tennessee; played on David Torn’s Sun of Goldfinger record; gigged with Nels Cline playing lap steel (Cline on steel, not Baggetta), and released Wall of Flowers [Big Ego Records]. The last features a true supergroup power trio, ala a modern day Cream, as Baggetta, Mike Watt, and session legend, Jim Keltner join forces. Knoxville being relatively close to Nashville, Baggetta has been playing here quite a bit and took time before a gig at Rudy’s Jazz Club to come over and talk about Wall of Flowers and the joys of looping with a TimeFactor.

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Eivind Aarset Speaks About His Multiple Record Appearances And His New Guitar

I can’t believe it has been four years since I spoke to Eivind Aarset, the guitarist largely responsible for sending me on this Guitar Moderne journey. Now is the perfect time, as he is featured on four new records. We spoke about three of them, and surprise, surprise, his first new guitar in, well, forever.

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Email Hell

Hello All

Over a month into this and Bluehost has been unable to resolve my email issues. I  haven’t been able to send mail from one account and in the process of trying to fix it I deleted from my Mac Mail. The issues I am having getting into my account have prevented me from checking any mail sent to

I am not sure if post notices are being sent from that address or not, so if you get a notice that this post is up, please let me know in the comments (NOT BY REPLYING TO THE EMAIL). If I find that people are getting the email announcement of a new post, I will start posting again while trying to fix the other email issues. In the meantime please Like the Guitar Moderne Face Book page. Thanks for your patience.