Email Hell

Hello All

Over a month into this and Bluehost has been unable to resolve my email issues. I  haven’t been able to send mail from one account and in the process of trying to fix it I deleted from my Mac Mail. The issues I am having getting into my account have prevented me from checking any mail sent to

I am not sure if post notices are being sent from that address or not, so if you get a notice that this post is up, please let me know in the comments (NOT BY REPLYING TO THE EMAIL). If I find that people are getting the email announcement of a new post, I will start posting again while trying to fix the other email issues. In the meantime please Like the Guitar Moderne Face Book page. Thanks for your patience.



Big Ears 2019

As advertised, Big Ears 2019 was a guitar extravaganza. My wife Liz and I were able to see Bill Frisell, David Torn, Mary Halvorson, Anthony Pirog, and Rafiq Bhatia, some of them multiple times, as well as other, non-guitar improvising legends and newcomers. Once again, venues like the Tennessee Theater, The Bijou Theater, The Standard, and The Mill and the Mine offered stellar sound quality and sight lines, and the local food was fabulous.

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Spotlight: Markus W. Schneider

Sometimes it takes great modern players to demonstrate new ways in which the electric guitar can be used to creatively enhance the song form: Belew/Fripp in King Crimson, David Torn with David Bowie, Stian Westerhus with his band Pale Horses, and now Markus Schneider on his new record Widerspruch, where he intones evocative vocals over glitchy guitar. This Viennese guitarist contacted me and I checked out some live videos, where his cool Hofner immediately caught my eye. I decided an interview was in order.

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Guitar Moderne Festival: Big Ears Edition

Big Ears starts Thursday. For those of you attending, here is a sample of the amazing guitar performances planned. For those of you who can’t make it, here is what you will be missing. There are still General Admission tix available, so if you can get to Knoxville this week, please do.

Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan

Sun of Goldfinger

The Messthetics

Mary Halvorson and Code Girl


Rafiq Bahtia